Whitson Home Inspections

My name Is Richard Whitson, I am the owner of Whitson Home Inspections. I completed my training through Nachi. Afterwards, I joined Internachi which is who I do ongoing training through. I have many certifications from Internachi, and I follow Internachi's standards of practice. I also graduated from Erie Institute of Technology in 2017 for Heating ventilation and air conditioning.

Here is a video of Internachi Standards of Practice.

Services I currently offer:

  1. Home inspection: Promo Price till March starts at $275 and goes up with square footage, age of home, extra buildings, garage or crawlspace, and distance from my office. After promo period I will be giving a discount to anyone that buys a house in the Conneaut Lake area. One of many ways I can give back to my community.

  2. Septic dye load test: Price is $250 with out a home inspection and $125 with.

What is a septic dye load test? The septic dye test uses a fluorescent dye solution to visually identify a problem with the septic system. The dye is flushed down a toilet that is (presumably) connected to the septic system being tested. The amount of dye used is determined by the size of the septic tank. Then water is run into the system with a faucet (also presumably connected to the septic system) in order to flush the dye into the septic tank, and then into the absorption (leach) field. Again, the volume of water introduced to the system is determined by the size of the tank serving the septic system. The objective is to flood the absorption area with water containing the dye solution. A home inspector will use a formula which takes into account the size of the tank and the length of the absorption field to determine how much water to run into the system.

  1. Water testing: Prices vary depending on the water test that is needed.

Contact Information:

Phone number 814-795-8808

email whitsonhomeinspections@yahoo.com